Daily management of H.R. and industrial relations

The firm advises and assists companies in the daily management of their human resources and industrial relations:

  • Drafting of all types of employment contracts (fixed and long-term, part-time and full-time, etc.) and of sensitive clauses (confidentiality, non-compete, inventions, golden parachutes, etc.)
  • Development and implementation of procedures for dismissals on personal grounds (disciplinary and non-disciplinary) and dismissals for economic reasons
  • Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements
  • Implementation of procedures of termination by mutual consent between the employer and the employee
  • Organization of elections for staff representatives (economic and social committee (CSE))
  • Introduction, management and monitoring of the various regimes for reducing and improving working time
  • Development and optimization of remuneration policies and employee savings schemes (mandatory profit-sharing schemes, optional profit-sharing schemes, etc.)
  • Management and monitoring of the employment of seniors, staff departures and retirements
  • Drafting of internal regulations, IT charters and guides to internal procedures
  • Management and evaluation of professional risks (work-related illnesses and accidents, unfitness to work, harassment, stress at work and psycho-social risks, etc.)
  • Assistance during checks and reassessments made by social security agencies and, if necessary, appeals against such checks and reassessments
  • Monitoring of Sunday working
  • Management of international mobility (secondment & expatriation)